Hard times in med school

Hey friends!

There are days in everyone's life when they feel overwhelmed by the stress, tasks and amout of studying that weigh upon them. (Oh, yes, I need to admit that THIS IS MY CURRENT LIFE and mood). The best thing to do is to dump these bad  thoughts out, stay focused and try to think about why we started, but you know, sometimes it's easier said that done, right? 

Few days ago, when I felt like ,,I can't do this shit anymore", I told one my good friends (who is a young handsome doctor hehe)  how I feel right now and I got back the best respond ever. I wanted to share this message with you guys, because I know that there is big chance that there is also someone else who feels like quitting right now and  who needs to hear this :).

1. I am proud of you! Medical school is not easy at all, but I am telling you it will be worth it. Even for me, school absolutely sucked. I hated it. But now I look back and I realize that I am happy I did it because I absolutely LOVE what I do and how I am helping people. You will feel the same way and you will thank yourself later.

2. Keep working hard. You will have some periods where school can be going super well or your grades suck, but never give up. Grades aren't everything and you will learn a tonne while you are there.

3. Your social life may have changed a bit, but you need to make sacrifices if you want to succeed. Ask your dad. He probably did the same thing. Even my friends I neglected over the years because of school, but there will be plenty of times for you to go out and socialize and your friends closest to you will understand and be there when you need them.

4. Enjoy the road now. It will definitely have its ups and downs, but when you look back you will realise how far youve come and how many people envy you and how beautiful and smart and hard working you are xo

P.S.: Thanks for everything, Dr. M. You really helped💙