Toronto vs. Europe

Oh guys,

I love traveling so much. Meeting new people, seeing different ways of living, learning new things and cultures... Just sitting in a coffee shop and enjoying the atmosphere in a new country is something I could literally die for:)
Since I have to study a lot during the whole semester, I decided to travel as much as I can during my breaks. 
Btw, booking a ticket for your vacation is also very motivational when you have your examinations (you know, this feeling that the light at the end of the tunnel is not an illusion).

I decided to go to Canada's largest city, Toronto, this summer. It was the time of my life, I had so much fun there. When I came back home, I was telling my family and friends about my experiences and small differences I noticed and things I was not used to. So why not to share it with you guys?

 I noticed, that:

  • people in Toronto are nicer to you than in Europe. The city is full of friendly people! They just stop to compliment you on anything particular, the sale assistants are smiling all the time. Canadians know how to make any day more positive:)
  • men (or women) try to pick you up. (Yes, it happens here too, but not so frequently hehe). I was asked out literally everywhere and every day, I swear! They just stop you in the shopping mall, in the grocery store, in the underground.. and ask you for a date. So cute!
  • they close the discos early, between 2am- 3am. I don't know what about you, but my friends and I are usually sitting in a bar at first and we wouldn't go dancing before 1am. Different country, different customs.
  • the fruit (namely peaches and nectarines) doesn't taste the same there. It was so flavourless, without any juice.. I couldn't even tell what am I eating with my closed eyes!
  • you can get water for free in restaurants. This is probably something normal for all Canadians or Americans, but it's really not common in Europe. 

  • black squirrels are everywhere. When I saw one for the first time, I took a thousand pictures of it (yes, those city girls...). At that time I didn't know that it isn't anything special to see and you can meet them at every corner. 
  • taxes are never included on the displayed or advertised prices, so you have to have in mind that you need to include them in your price calculation. It sucks if you are not the best at maths (like me:).

Let me know about your vacation experiences, I would like to hear about it:).

Have a great day!