My library essentials

Hi there!

At first I need to admit- the second year of med school is literally crazy. It is supposed to be the worst of the 6 years of medical school here. Studying anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and histology is sometimes killing me. I am just trying to find some strategy (skipping some lectures means some saved time which I can use for studying or sleeping) and to do my best. 
I wanted to write a new blog post for ages, but I didn't have enough time or energy (ok maybe I had, but there are always these days when you are too lazy and don't want to do anything right?:))

And finally I decided to share with you guys a ,,what's in my school bag" article. I would like to show you things I use to carry in my bag when I study in the library, so I hope you'll enjoy it:). 

  • Bag

I don't have one specific bag which I always carry with me into the library - choosing the bag depends on my mood (or my outfit, of course). 

  • Water/ Caffee/ Herbal tea 
One should drink at least 2 litres of liquids per day. I usually drink about 2,5 litres of water (No Coke. No Fanta. Pure water please.) + I need some caffeine while studying too.

  • Phone/ Laptop/ Laptop sleeve/ Chargers 
For electronics, I do have my phone and my laptop with me. I always carry a charger in my bag in case if my battery runs low. 

  • Pencil case /Nail file / Lip balm /Hair ties 
I couldn't study without all my highlighters and color pens, so I use to put it in my beautiful Ted Baker pencil case which I bought this summer in Toronto. I always do have a nail file, a lip balm and some hair ties in it. You know, just in case..

  • Cosmetic bag
My cosmetic bag is from Ted Baker too. I do not take too much stuff with me into the library, but I always use to have my perfume and my lipstick with me.

  • Books/ Notebooks
I'm not the biggest fan of studying anatomy in the library, since I have to carry an enormous amount of heavy books with me. But except my anatomy stuff it is not such a big deal to carry my books around. P.s.: A beautiful notebook is a must. Taking your notes will make much more fun, I promise!:)

  • Sunglasses/ Wallet/ Keys 

I have a pair of sunglasses in a side pocket all the time. I love wearing them all year long!

What about you? What are your library essentials?

Have a great day!



  1. I have the same as you but also head phones - I can't study without music! :-)

    1. Wow Charlotte you are able to study and concentrate with music? I think I couldn't concentrate on studying haha:))