My personal planner

Hello guys! 

Today I would like to introduce you my new planner. I am completely in love with it! I've been searching for a planner since July. And when I found this website where I could make myself one I was so excited about it and the whole process of customizing:).

You can create your own front and back cover, choose your own inlay design, add extra boxes for your to-do lists, training, exams of the week etc. Such a great idea! 

The customization was lot of fun for me, I did it several days, because I wanted to be 100% happy with it:).  

I looked at lot of different planners (I really liked the Lilly Pulitzer one), but I didn't want to spend too much money on my planner. This one costs less then 30 euros including tax and shipping.

They have different size of the planners. I chose the A4 one, which has enough space for me. For your front cover you can choose one of their covers or create your own one (so did I). I like the idea of my favorite leopard-print cover and the red, white and black color, which I also used when I created my inlay design.  

There are also three sections of back pages which you can customize. I chose the overview of 2015 and 2016, maps of the whole world (I want to mark all the places which I've already visited and my next journeys there!) and some blank pages. 

My med school starts in one week, so buying a new planner was a must. I need to manage my time through organization and prioritizing:).

What planner do you use?

Have a nice day!



  1. Hey. I have inspired from you and decided to make my own planner. But I have few questions to you. They show me that I have 58 pages left.. And I want to add overview 2016 and 2017 but they are blocked do you know why? :( and did you also had so many left pages? thanks for reply! :) :*

    1. Hello! I'm glad that you were inspired to make your own planner, it's a great thing! I'm sorry but I don't know how is that possible, I didn't have any problems with the overview. Just try to contact them and ask:) Yes and I also have a lot of empty pages in the end. Ps: make sure you contact me per email or direct instagram message- I have a 10% discount code for the planner which is valid till 1. Sept 2016, so hurry up:)) have a nice day!