Love at first sight? Some girls say that they just knew when they met the person who later become their boyfriend or husband. Their Mr. Right. 

It also happens to me. Quite often. While I am shopping. 
I buy the same thing in several colours if I really love it. It's shape, cut or fabric. Now I have 3 same dresses which fit great, 2 + 2 Michael Kors handbags with which I am totally in love with and 2 sneakers which I could wear all year long... 

And if I have an excuse for doing it again and again? Sure!
I try to avoid an impulse purchase and the clothes shouldn't fit good, but perfect! I would rather ask myself ,,why didn't I buy it" then ,,why did I buy that". I just take the colour I like (or need) more, go home, take my time and only if I can't get it out of my mind -> time to go back to the shop!

P.S.: I went shopping yesterday. I have two new T-shirts. The same. Black & white. 

What do you think of buying multiples? Haven't you regretted it yet?

Have a nice day! 


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