I swear, this outfit is something I could wear every day! 

1. Sunglasses are something what I always have in my bag (doesn't matter if it's summer or winter). In my opinion it's better to have one good pair bought at the opticians then 8 cheap ones, which do not protect your eyes properly. And yes, I personally prefer the classic Ray Ban style- Aviator or Wayfarer. They will never go out of fashion!

2. Do you also have the feeling that something is missing when you are not wearing your watch? I normally don't wear much jewelry, but my golden watch is a must-have for me, I am used to wear it every single day.

3. Oh I love leather jackets so much! It's an investment that's going to last for years and years.  I just found the perfect one online - okay, it's very much out of my normal price range, but maybe once... :).

4. A white or black T-shirt is a basic. I love simple T-shirts without any label and they are the best foundation for my outfit.

5. There is nothing better than a pair of great jeans. I usually buy my trousers at Zara (skinny or boyfriend jeans, here I come!) where I can always find the ideal jean which fits me.

6. Converse shoes are the most classic pair of sneakers and I think they look nice with any outfit. I have the leather ones, zebra print, simple white one... and I am sure that I will buy a new pair in few weeks.

7. I got my golden ring for Christmas and I wear it almost every day. It matches perfectly to my watch and I adore it!

8. Guys, I love love love designer bags. I'm trying to give up my Michael Kors handbag addiction, but it's not so easy, you know. This Luis Vuitton Neverfull is my dream bag. Isn't it beautiful? (I hope I will get you soon, honey!)

How does your casual outfit look like?

Have a beautiful day!


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