Hello guys! 

Whether we like or not, Christmas is approaching! This past week I worked hard on trying to have everything done in school and it's finally time to think about few things I could wish for Christmas. And now I can finally share with you a list of few lovely items I would love to have in my life in 2016! (as probably a lot of bloggers or medical students also do, hehe). 

1. This Ted Baker blooming pencil case is absolutely stunning! I am addicted to my stationary collection, I always use so many colored pencils, pens and highlighters for studying and such a beautiful floral print could definitely brighten up my day

2. My obsession with this MAC Please me lipstick has begun about one and half years ago. I discovered it while reading some beauty blogs and now I could not imagine one day without it. This color is the most flattering on me (at least I hope so:)). 

3. My perfume? It's this one. Chloé by Chloé. Roses and peony, suitable for day and night. My like of this scent can never turn to dislike. Dear Santa, remember that please!

4. I found this perfect black and white customizable notebook and I think that it is a great way to have fun while writing your notes in lectures. Don't you think the same? 

5. Christmas is definitely a season for books! There are several I want to read. I love reading motivational books, which are great anytime I need some motivation. I would love to get this small one, which could inspire me and maybe help to find a new way how to succeed at my school. 

6. I am researching into iPads for a while. I am thinking about buying one because it seems like a good complement for studying (and blogging, of course:)). I have to say that carrying around my MacBook is not always the most convenient thing. And when I saw this golden iPad Air 2, I totally fell in love with it. Such a beautiful color and design! 

7. This mug has been on my wish list since the last year. I think that it is such a great reminder while you are having your morning coffee. 

8. A sparkling memory stick? Oh yes, please! This Swarovski USB key is a must-have: so beautiful, practical and stylish. 

What is on your Christmas wish list?

Have a beautiful day!


HOW TO STUDY ANATOMY (Skeleton system)

Oh, I remember how lost I was when I tried to prepare for my very first anatomy class! It was about one and a half months ago and the vertebral column seemed to be too complicated to learn (yeah, it was because I didn't have the right strategy and technique for this difficult subject). It was so stressful and time-consuming, but it doesn't have to be like that. The most important thing is clearly to determine what study meted works the best for you. And to start studying early, of course:).

In this post I would like to describe my learning style and my way to study effectively anatomy. Sometimes it can be overwhelming when you think about how much time you need for your studying, but don't forget: it will be worth it in the end!


No Facebook, no Instagram. My phone and my laptop are such distractions for me! That's why I need to switch off both of them- and this is the only way I can be 100% concentrated. (But I have my computer on my table if I need one, of course).
I also need to have a glass full of water next to me while I am studying, which helps me to stay hydrated all the time.


At first I use to look up the region I need to study in the atlas. I have the Sobotta Atlas of Human Anatomy, where I skim the coherent vocabulary and go through the illustrations. Now I finally know how the bone looks like!


I am really a big fan of highlighting, so my step three in studying anatomy is to highlight the most important things in my textbook. It helps so much to use more then one color when you highlight. It is my way of paying special attention to the new terms:).


Memorizing, memorizing, memorizing. I have to study anatomy in Latin, so there is a huge amount of new words for me. I go through the illustrations, try to understand it and find the connections: (e.g.: there is the humeral trochlea which articulates with the trochlear notch on the ulna).


I am a visual learner and the Netter's Anatomy Coloring Book helps me so much. I use a lot of colors and symbols while coloring the illustration. It's quite fun and I need to say that I always enjoy this step so much haha:).

6. 3D APPS

Now it's finally time to explore the human body in 3D! I use YouTube (or some other apps which I downloaded from App Store), so I can see how the bones look like in reality. As I mentioned above, I am not the biggest fan of using computer while studying but this is definitely worth of switching it on:).

And it the end, I would like to mention my three basic study tips:

Are carpal bones to difficult to memorize for you? And have you tried the mnemonics Some Lovers Try Positions That They Cannot Handle? There are lot of sentences you can use for memorizing the order or the names of the bones. This is definitely my favorite one:).

If you are not from an English-speaking country, you probably also need to study all the vocabulary in Latin. The Latin suffixes are complicated, so the best way of understanding it is to learn the basis of grammar. I went through all the Latin declensions and now it is so much easier to learn all the Latin stuff for me.

If you don't want to be stressed out before your exam, repeat all your knowledge you learnt regularly. Yes, it helps if you spend only 10 minutes a day just reading your notes. That means for me a quick look at all the stuff I learnt before I start to learn the new one.

What are your tips for anatomy? What works for you?

Have a great day! 


My personal planner

Hello guys! 

Today I would like to introduce you my new planner. I am completely in love with it! I've been searching for a planner since July. And when I found this website where I could make myself one I was so excited about it and the whole process of customizing:).

You can create your own front and back cover, choose your own inlay design, add extra boxes for your to-do lists, training, exams of the week etc. Such a great idea! 

The customization was lot of fun for me, I did it several days, because I wanted to be 100% happy with it:).  

I looked at lot of different planners (I really liked the Lilly Pulitzer one), but I didn't want to spend too much money on my planner. This one costs less then 30 euros including tax and shipping.

They have different size of the planners. I chose the A4 one, which has enough space for me. For your front cover you can choose one of their covers or create your own one (so did I). I like the idea of my favorite leopard-print cover and the red, white and black color, which I also used when I created my inlay design.  

There are also three sections of back pages which you can customize. I chose the overview of 2015 and 2016, maps of the whole world (I want to mark all the places which I've already visited and my next journeys there!) and some blank pages. 

My med school starts in one week, so buying a new planner was a must. I need to manage my time through organization and prioritizing:).

What planner do you use?

Have a nice day!



I was studying law for three years when I decided to change my studies. A lawyer? No, thanks, that's not me. I beat the fear of chemistry and told to myself: now or never. Medicine. I can do that. 

And yes, I did it. It was a year full of studying and hard working. I had to write my thesis, study for my law exams and finals + I was preparing myself for my medicine entrance exams everyday. 

I started to study for medicine in September 2014. I had 10 months for studying chemistry and biology. I didn't know anything about chemistry (okay, the only thing I knew was the chemical formula for sulfuric acid, H2SO4,which I remember since I was a child) and I was not the best in biology, but I believed, that if I really want something, I can get it. I wanted to pass the entrance exams and become a doctor. And I wanted it so much...

Now I would like to share with you guys how I achieved my goals, how I do it and what works for me:


Before you do anything else, you need to clearly define what exactly do you want and also why is your goal here. There should be always a reasoning!
It's also very important to set goals you can really achieve. Sometimes it is so much better to set smaller goals.


You should be 100% sure that YOU want to reach your goal. It's about you. Not about your family or boyfriend.


Use your planner for writing down your goal. It is also important to set a date or a time period (e.g. between next 2-5 years) for your goal, so you will always know how much time you still have for working on your dream. Be really specific! 


Keep your goals constantly in your mind! They should be running through your head every day. 


When you defined your goal and the time for achieving it, it's time to set a plan. I personally had a daily plan, I was going through 250 biology or chemistry questions every day, 10 months long.      P.S.: Crossing the daily plan off is always so satisfying!


Give yourself rewards- you definitely deserve it! It should be something you will be really looking forward all day long (for me, there is nothing better then going to the gym after a day spent in the library).


There are always the good times and the bad times. It can be often hard to believe in yourself, but you should always think positively. Do not give up. You can do it! 


This is something that really helped me. It is so motivating when you see someone who is already there where you wish to be in few months. Do you want to have better grades? Start to follow Instagram accounts with study and motivation tips!
I also printed out my favorite quotes and had their always on the table while I was studying. :)

Do you also have some motivation tips?

Have a nice day! 



Love at first sight? Some girls say that they just knew when they met the person who later become their boyfriend or husband. Their Mr. Right. 

It also happens to me. Quite often. While I am shopping. 
I buy the same thing in several colours if I really love it. It's shape, cut or fabric. Now I have 3 same dresses which fit great, 2 + 2 Michael Kors handbags with which I am totally in love with and 2 sneakers which I could wear all year long... 

And if I have an excuse for doing it again and again? Sure!
I try to avoid an impulse purchase and the clothes shouldn't fit good, but perfect! I would rather ask myself ,,why didn't I buy it" then ,,why did I buy that". I just take the colour I like (or need) more, go home, take my time and only if I can't get it out of my mind -> time to go back to the shop!

P.S.: I went shopping yesterday. I have two new T-shirts. The same. Black & white. 

What do you think of buying multiples? Haven't you regretted it yet?

Have a nice day! 



I swear, this outfit is something I could wear every day! 

1. Sunglasses are something what I always have in my bag (doesn't matter if it's summer or winter). In my opinion it's better to have one good pair bought at the opticians then 8 cheap ones, which do not protect your eyes properly. And yes, I personally prefer the classic Ray Ban style- Aviator or Wayfarer. They will never go out of fashion!

2. Do you also have the feeling that something is missing when you are not wearing your watch? I normally don't wear much jewelry, but my golden watch is a must-have for me, I am used to wear it every single day.

3. Oh I love leather jackets so much! It's an investment that's going to last for years and years.  I just found the perfect one online - okay, it's very much out of my normal price range, but maybe once... :).

4. A white or black T-shirt is a basic. I love simple T-shirts without any label and they are the best foundation for my outfit.

5. There is nothing better than a pair of great jeans. I usually buy my trousers at Zara (skinny or boyfriend jeans, here I come!) where I can always find the ideal jean which fits me.

6. Converse shoes are the most classic pair of sneakers and I think they look nice with any outfit. I have the leather ones, zebra print, simple white one... and I am sure that I will buy a new pair in few weeks.

7. I got my golden ring for Christmas and I wear it almost every day. It matches perfectly to my watch and I adore it!

8. Guys, I love love love designer bags. I'm trying to give up my Michael Kors handbag addiction, but it's not so easy, you know. This Luis Vuitton Neverfull is my dream bag. Isn't it beautiful? (I hope I will get you soon, honey!)

How does your casual outfit look like?

Have a beautiful day!



Imagine a city that has everything. A breathtaking architecture, a beach where you can relax, great food and an incredible nightlife. That's exactly what I was looking for after this hard year. Barcelona. A city I fell in love with.


I was amazed by this market! I loved the variety of exotic fruits, drinks or seafood you can buy there. We went to this place almost every day (!!!) for a fruit juice - I highly recommend the raspberry- coconut one, it was so delicious!.
It's definitely one of the must-see attractions in Barcelona.


Barcelona is the most cosmopolitan city in Spain. No wonder! I would also stay there forever, if I could. While you can find there people from all over the world, who decided to settle down after they came for vacation, you can also meet other amazing tourists. 
If you are interested in meeting new people, I definitely recommend to stay in the youth hostels. We did so and we met great people from Chile, Australia, South Africa, Canada...It couldn't be better:).


A spectacular fountain show with music and lights. We got speechless when we saw the performance of this fountain. The shows are every 30 minutes, but they are different so we stayed there longer and watched them all. 


It's so easy to escape from the city rush to a quite park where everything seems to be perfect! In one of the parks we discovered a flower which blooms and smells only at night. Oh yes, the most beautiful things in life are free:). 


In Barcelona there are so many different means of transport to discover this beautiful city. Metro, tram, bus, taxi or a bike- what do you prefer?  We were exploring the streets by foot + metro. I loved how frequent it was so we could save some time and see more things. 


What's the best feeling? To wake up in a beautiful morning when the sun is shining and you have a chance of going to the beach. Yeah, that's Barcelona! We were also swimming in the sea at 5:30 a.m., right after the disco, which was one of the most fun things we did there:).


Oh my gosh! The nightlife was incredible. Work hard, play hard was our motto! We went out almost every day, met new people (yes yes, I already mentioned it). My favorite night was at club called Razzmatazz. It was huge and the music was great (and my handsome dancing partner too, haha:)).


Barcelona is a city where you can look around and always find something what deserves a second (or two) to look at it. There is a mix of modern and gothic architecture. It is so much more then just Gaudí and Sagrada Familia!

And what about you? Which city are you in love with?

Have a beautiful day!



Hi there! 

I would like to briefly introduce myself in this very first post. 

I am an European medical student. One year ago, when I was in the 3. year of law school, I decided to become a doctor
And now I am here. Starting my med school in September, finally enjoying my summer after the most difficult year (yeah!). 
While I was studying all the time, I started to read few blogs written by medical students, which really helped me to stay motivated all the time
At one day, I just realized that I could also share my medical school experiences and my passion for fashion or traveling with you guys. 

I hope that you will enjoy my blog:). And don't forget:

(my favorite quote of the last year)

Have a nice day!